Why participate in E=kwill rewards program?

Are you a retailer, reseller, restaurant, service business, or even school looking to expand your customer base, revenue, mindshare, and client loyalty? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Ekwill is just the rewards program you need. It’s the one platform that appeals to both end-users and business owners.


With E=kwill, you can enjoy exciting benefits:

  • Unique app features to engage your potential customers
  • Custom designed benefits/resources to match your market
  • Customizable campaigns targeting every corner of Canada that will lead potential customers to your doorstep
  • Localized and specialized campaigns to match your region/province/city as well as key target groups or population segmentation
  • Discount code distribution for partnering retailers to drive interest among your consumer
  • Cutting edge Marketing IT to support your program

We offer you access to our key client groups, which include:

  • Unionized workers in high wage professions
  • Not-for-profit sector clients across North America
  • Restaurant and hospitality segment that will be experiencing growth with pent up demand
  • Food distribution and small scale manufacturers in food and beverage segments
  • Mid-cap companies in many segments
  • Transportation, delivery and logistics businesses
  • And many more to come.

Most of all, as an E=kwill rewards member, you will benefit from:

  • Unique outreach campaigns and sponsored links to key groups with thousands of members
  • Technology at your fingertips with our one-of-a-kind app
  • An expert team with global experience to help you reach out clients in the most efficient manner
  • Our growing base with an fast subscriber acquisitions
  • Access to large scale companies and utilities
  • Business opportunities such as in the construction sector and among union groups poised for significant growth post-COVID 19

Best of all, E=kwill is backed by an expert team of cutting-edge specialists in both app and web /platform development.

Let’s get started. We’re ready to help you grow.