Recruitment and employment services

You’re in a high growth phase of your company and in order to have a competitive advantage, you will need top tier talent to grow your business. Our recruitment services will always have a pulse on the market and have access to a robust, passive, and active candidate pool to source from to meet your hiring mandates.

With Ekwill’s Recruitment Services, You Can Enjoy Incredible Benefits:

  • A robust, candidate pool with best in class talent within your reach.
  • Our recruitment services are cost-effective and will enhance your recruitment process with speedy delivery which saves you time.
  • We have the industry knowledge that understands your needs which is a huge advantage and can accelerate your hiring process.
  • Your investment with us is protected as we offer a guarantee of minimally 3 to 6 months on all hires to ensure your satisfaction.
  • You require a specialized skill set for particular roles, we do the market research for you to find elusive talent which saves you time.
  • Consider your dedicated recruiter as an extension of your team and will negotiate on your behalf to secure candidates during the offer stage.
  • At Ekwill we are knowledgeable with respect to best HR hiring and screening practices to ensure hiring standards are met with professionalism, transparency, and integrity.

We are knowledgeable in a vast number of sectors of the economy which include:

  • Transportation, delivery, and logistics businesses.
  • Construction, Engineering, and Supply chain management.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution, IT, Digital.
  • Food distribution and small scale manufacturers in food and beverage segments
  • Restaurant and hospitality segment that will be experiencing growth with pent up demand.
  • Unionized organizations.
  • Not-for-profit sector companies across North America.
  • Mid-cap companies in many segments.
  • And many more to come.

Best of all, Ekwill is backed by an expert recruitment team of cutting-edge specialists. Let’s get started. We’re ready to help your business grow.