Why Partner with E=kwill's managed outsourcing recruitment services

To succeed in today’s new world of work in a highly competitive talent marketplace requires expanding resources, candidate outreach sourcing capabilities, and partnering with outsourced recruiting expertise.

With the economic repercussions of Covid19 on the job market, increased employee turnover, global remote workforce opportunities, and a wide range of other variable factors are resulting in a talent and skill shortage for many unions, not for profit and non-union organizations. It’s clear that fresh, new approaches for recruiting, engaging, and retaining tomorrow’s workforce are needed for long-term growth and sustainability.

The hiring landscape is changing rapidly and now more than ever before companies will need to look to the future, innovate and adapt to market trends in order to attract and retain best in class talent to mitigate the risk of talent shortage across the country, train and integrate both union and non-union workers into the workforce faster. 

When you partner with EkWill’s dedicated recruitment advisors, our intention is to complement and enhance your recruitment efforts overall for greater efficiency, provide you with current market trends, insight and intelligence in real-time and provide you with access to a robust candidate pool with an expansive outreach to mitigate talent shortage in an ever-evolving marketplace.


EkWill’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service allows you to access this expert recruitment capability to meet your ongoing staffing needs in a scalable and cost-effective way, enabling you to assign all or part of your permanent, contract and temporary recruitment and staffing mandates for us to manage for you.

What You Can Expect From Outsourcing Your Recruitment To Us:

  • In-depth knowledge of best HR hiring practices and recruitment selection criteria for specifically for Unions i.e. PSAC, PSW, Non For Profit and Non-Union organizations.
  • Unique outreach campaigns and sponsored links to key groups with thousands of members. Access to EkWill’s expansive diverse network, community agencies and University/Colleges.
  • Exclusive for EkWill is new access to 16 million candidates from all across North America including skilled trades, medical, social and support workers etc.
  • The management of candidate engagement process from multiple channels: internal, referral, speculative, direct or through agency.
  • One or more steps of the employee or recruitment lifecycle: market research and planning, talent attraction, recruitment and selection, engagement, onboarding and exit.
  • Centralized candidate tracking through an applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • More customized services may also include workforce strategic planning, recruitment advisory services and employee engagement.


Retain the best in class talent with the most suitable skills and experience

As your recruitment outsourcing partner, we will become an extension of your in-house team.

Working directly with your hiring managers, under your organization, within your culture, to handle all activities related to talent acquisition.

Your organization’s biggest advantage comes from EkWill’s ability to connect you with top tier talent which will save you a great deal of time, cost savings and increase greater efficiency in your recruitment efforts.


Our clients / key groups / segmentation:

  • Unionized workers in high wage professions
  • A unique experience in construction, skilled/building trades, engineering, manufacturing/distribution, client groups /unions poised for significant growth post-COVID 19
  • Transportation, delivery, shipping, global freight forwarding, supply chain management, and logistics businesses
  • The medical industry, IT, Digital Marketing
  • Restaurant and hospitality segment that will be experiencing growth with pent up demand
  • Food distribution and small scale manufacturers in food and beverage segments
  • Unique outreach campaigns and sponsored links to key groups with thousands of members
  • Non-for-profit sector clients across North America
  • Mid-cap companies in many segments and more
  • Large scale companies and utilities


EkWill’s Recruitment Framework:

Our Managed Outsourcing Services framework is implemented based on proven best practices and innovative, cutting-edge sourcing methods.

Search Process

To ensure that the search project progresses in an organized and timely manner, we have outlined specific roles and responsibilities for EkWill, the Customer hiring team, and the candidates throughout each phase of the project.

Mapping the Search

We develop the project plan, and initiate all documentation for the project. This includes your company’s business description and history, product and service information, organization information, and position description. This information provides valuable insight on your company in the preparation of the company and position profile for presentation to qualified candidates.

Research and Recruitment

We conduct in-market research to identify the “best-in-class” candidates in your marketplace. We focus on candidates that meet the skill and qualification requirements outlined in the position profile. We investigate their professional experience through direct candidate contact, and referral information obtained from their peers, subordinates, superiors, and trade contacts. We focus on their work history, accomplishments, and career objectives. Candidates who meet the position profile’s criteria are invited to interview for the opportunity. Your company’s anonymity is maintained throughout this stage.

Interviewing and Assessment

Recruited candidates are interviewed to assess their “fit potential” with the opportunity. We thoroughly review their technical and leadership skills, and ensure the appropriate “behavioural fit” with your company. Presentations are made to qualified and interested candidates, outlining your company and position profile in detail. Short-listed candidates are presented to your company’s Canadian hiring team, along with our assessment of the key factors motivating them to consider the opportunity. Candidate resumes, profiles and assessments are discussed with  your company’s hiring team prior to scheduling first-round interviews.

Selection and Hiring

Your company’s hiring team members meet with short-listed candidates to position the career opportunity and to investigate each candidate’s professional experience in detail. First-round interviews are more exploratory in nature, with subsequent interviews providing the opportunity to assess each candidate’s skills and overall “fit potential” with your company. Throughout the Your company – Candidate interview stage, we work closely with you to provide candid feedback and counsel. Upon your selection of a preferred candidate, we provide you with guidance in determining the offer strategy and details. We assist you in the presentation of the offer, check and validate all candidate references, and act as a key intermediary throughout the negotiation process.

Post-search Review

Following the completion of the search project, we will conduct a thorough review of the project with you to determine how we can enhance our contribution to your company’s long-term human resource strategy and plans.


Our search fee will be calculated as a percentage of the hired candidate’s first year total compensation package, based on an estimate of the compensation for the search project.

Candidate Definition

Candidates include all individuals who are considered for the search project regardless of source. Specifically, this includes candidates sourced through EkWill, candidates referred to the customer independent of EkWill, and candidates employed by the customer.

A candidate is considered hirable when the customer acknowledges their suitability for the search project and would be prepared to offer the candidate the position.

Candidates from all sources will be interviewed and qualified by EkWill for final presentation.

A candidate presented to your company in consideration for hiring, either verbally or in written form, remains a candidate of EkWill for an eighteen-month period. 


In the event that a candidate hired under this agreement leaves your company within the first three or six months of employment, EkWill will initiate a new search to locate a qualified replacement for the vacated position.


EkWill will accept all search projects contracted by your company operating units in the general management, marketing, sales, finance, human resources and operations job disciplines. Search projects not outlined in this proposal will be accepted for contract following a review of the project’s hiring criteria.


EkWill will maintain strict confidentiality with all your company information and with all contacts with candidates. We know that both EkWill and your company’s reputation are built on maintaining confidentiality and professionalism in the marketplace.

These benefits and more, you can leverage to your advantage when you partner with EkWill’s recruitment experts to accelerate and optimize your company’s performance.